Treatment For Cancer

Some are local treatments like surgery and radiation therapy which are used to treat a specific tumor or area of the body. Learn about the different types of cancer treatments including chemotherapy radiation therapy immunotherapy and targeted therapy.

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Know what signs and symptoms to call your doctor about ways to manage these problems and treatment options.

Treatment for cancer. Cancer diagnosis begins with a thorough physical exam and a complete medical history. Laboratory studies of blood urine and stool can detect abnormalities that may indicate cancer. For many men with prostate cancer no treatment will be necessary.

Treatment options vary depending on the type of cancer and how far it has grown and spread. Many cancer treatments exist. Learn about the most common types of treatment for cancer here.

Learn how targeted therapy works against cancer and about common side effects that may occur. Gene therapy is a type of cancer treatment that is still in the early stages of research. Cancer treatment is the use of surgery radiation medications and other therapies to cure a cancer shrink a cancer or stop the progression of a cancer.

Its a standard treatment for some types of cancer and is in trials for other types of cancer. When treatment is necessary the aim is to cure or control the disease so it affects everyday life as little as possible and does not shorten life expectancy. Drug treatments such as chemotherapy immunotherapy or targeted therapy are often called systemic treatments because they can affect the entire body.

The goal of cancer treatment is to achieve a. Cancer can be treated by surgery chemotherapy radiation therapy hormonal therapy targeted therapy including immunotherapy such as monoclonal antibody therapy and synthetic lethalitythe choice of therapy depends upon the location and grade of the tumor and the stage of the disease as well as the general state of the patient performance status. There is also another leaflet called staging and grading cancer which discusses how a cancer is classified depending on its type grading and how far it has spread in the body staging.

See the separate leaflets on the specific cancers for more details. Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that helps your immune system fight cancer. Immunotherapy is a type of biological therapybiological therapy is a type of treatment that uses substances made from living organisms to treat cancer.

Targeted therapy is a type of cancer treatment that targets the changes in cancer cells that help them grow divide and spread. Immunotherapy uses our immune system to fight cancer. Hormone therapy is a treatment that slows or stops the growth of breast and prostate cancers that use.

Side effects of cancer treatment. Treatment for prostate cancer will depend on your individual circumstances. It is made up of white blood cells and organs and tissues of the lymph system.

Find common side effects caused by cancer or cancer treatments. Depending on your particular situation you may receive one treatment or you may receive a combination of treatments. When a tumor.

The immune system helps your body fight infections and other diseases. Find out how bisphosphonates work and about possible side effects.

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